Customer Testimonials

At Driveways by Diaz, we let our customers speak for our fine paving services. We are in the process of compiling reviews and feedback from our satisfied customers. Please visit our website again to read what they have to say about our paving work and friendly customer service.

Tracey, David, Brenda, and Boyd- Premier Events, Shippensburg

Line striping services
"Thank you all for your hard work to make our new parking lot a piece of work that we can all be proud of. We especially appreciate your caring effort to repair our handicap spaces to a professional looking job. Our business' appearance is much better because of your efforts and hard work"

Kim Winder, Chambersburg

"My mother was so impressed with your crew's professionalism and work ethic. She was also impressed with your equipment. She praised you and your workers. She watched you guys from her window."
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